Since you're getting to know me, you should know that I LOVE COOKING!

 It became a hobby of mine when I was in college because it was one of the few study "breaks" that forced me to truly take a break. If I was catching up on a TV show, I could multitask and scroll my class notes on my laptop. Now, try imagining what it would be like to hold a laptop with one hand and sauté some vegetables with the other......not very realistic, amiriteeee!? Cooking was a special time because I could jam to some music, take a mental breather, and end up with something delicious at the end! Even now, after college, I spend a lot of my free time trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Today's culinary foray is a rare detour from my usual pinterest inspiration. My coworker, Sarah, who is well aware of my avocado obsession (as is anyone within a 10 foot radius of me), suggested Stuffed Avocado with Garlic Shrimp by The Saffron Girl to me. She raved about how easy and yummy it was, but I definitely didn't need much convincing. A total prep time of 9 minutes AND avocado!? Oh yeahhhh, let's do this!

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  • 1 whole medium avocado
  • about 2 cups medium to large shrimp, raw or uncooked frozen (defrost prior to cooking)
  • 4-5 cloves garlic, minced
  • olive oil
  • coarse sea salt, to taste
  • freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • fresh parsley or cilantro, chopped
  • chili powder, optional
View the full recipe and directions at The Saffron Girl!

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Prep Experience: I promise you, if you can make cereal or scrambled eggs, that's all of the cooking "expertise" you need to make this. It was SO easy to put together! The only thing you have to cook on the stovetop is the shrimp. Everything else is just cutting, scooping, sprinkling, and combining! From start to finish, it truly took me 10 minutes to make, which was a nice change of pace!

Nomming Experience: As predicted, I absolutely loved this recipe. It was creamy, packed with flavor, fresh, and so satisfying! Shout out to Sarah for bringing this tasty creation into my life!

Verdict: Stuffed Avocado with Garlic Shrimp is definitely getting added to my repertoire of quick, weeknight recipes in the future. I was so full that I'd probably go with half an avocado along with the salad on the side next time. Both halves + the salad was pretty ambitious 0__o #foodbaby Also, I used 3 cloves of garlic instead and it was definitely enough, so that might be something to consider if you try this recipe too!


Have you tried making this? Do you have any other avocado inspired recipe suggestions for me? Comment below!