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Hi, I'm Shanice! Welcome to my little piece of the blogosphere.

Purely Positivitea is actually a new spin on an old hobby of mine. Throughout college, let's just say I created alot of different blogs on tumblr in my "free time" (bc let's be honest, there's not very much free time in college). After I graduated, I immediately thrown into a whirlwind of applying for medical school, moving into a new apartment, starting my gap year job, and other aldut-y things. I ended up putting a complete halt to one of my favorite pastimes and it is sooooo sooo hard to get back into it once you've stopped. 

This past spring, I came into some more free time and I decided it was time to start up blogging again on a more mature platform than tumblr, so here I am!  This isn't my first attempt at getting back in the game, but I hope that it's my last. 

~A Little Bit About Me~
twenty-three • Ivy League Grad • Future MD • lover of tea • believer in love, compassion, and good vibes  • 11.27.09 • Adventure Seeker • Serial Blogger •  Real Life Nerd Emoji •

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