As many of you who follow me on social media already know, I had my first white coat ceremony last week! It was such a surreal, AMAZING experience and I'm so happy that my family could make the cross country trip to be there for it. 

I dreamed about that day since I was a little girl, and my parents always made sure I knew school came first (even before chores teehee) and that I had whatever I needed to get here. I truly owe it all to them. 

This ceremony was more intimate, and there is a tradition where you can choose who you want to help you put on your white coat. Naturally, I chose my mom and dad. When it was finally my turn and they helped me (clumsily cause that's just who I am HAHA) put my arms into the sleeves and straighten it up, I felt a rush of emotion because of the symbolism and how special the moment was. I didn't even care that it felt like 100° under the tent. I will remember that moment as one of pure happiness and gratitude forever. 

I know it's probably weird that I keep saying "first" and "part one"when it comes to white coat, so let me explain. Since I'm in a special program focusing on service to disadvantaged populations and underserved communities affiliated with another school, I'm lucky enough to get not one, but TWO white coats! *happy dance* My other ceremony will be at the end of orientation week next Friday, and I'll share a blog post with more thoughts on beginning this amazing journey at that time.