Treat. Yo. Self.

Why? The reason is simple, you deserve it!

Even if you've never ever watched Parks & Rec, I'm sure that you have heard these words of wisdom before. When work is crazy or the school assignments are piling up, one of the first things we forget is how important it is to take care of ourselves! "I'm busy," "I don't have time," "I have to do ____ first," blah blah blah. Trust me, I'm guilty of it too!

Too often, we let it get to the point where we are burnt out and that is never a good feeling.

When schedules are packed and stress is high, it is so important to remember that taking the time care for yourself is ALWAYS a good use of your time. It might feel like you're taking away from the "necessary" things you need to do, but you can't perform your best if you aren't at your best. So, even though it's not very realistic to go on a spa weekend or a tropical vacation every single time you need to relax and reboot, you can easily (& cheaply) #TreatYoSelf to get by!

① Have A Cup Of Tea: I seriously swear by a warm cup of tea (as you could probably tell....positivitea). It is comforting, calming, and has actually been shown to reduce the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone in your body (x).

② Place And Bake Cookie Dough: Not only do these involve virtually zero work, but baking them fills your home with a warmth and a chocolatey smell that is almost as satisfying as biting into an ooey gooey, freshly baked cookie. 

③ Light A Candle: This will take you no time at all, so no excuses! A pleasant smelling candle can totally change your vibe. 

④ Take A Bath: Soak away your worries in a warm bath. If you're in the mood, throw in some subtle upgrades like bubbles, salts, or maybe even a bath bomb (i'm a huge fan of Lush Cosmetic's "Big Blue")!

⑤ Window Shop: From the comfort of your computer of course! Online shopping is fun and sometimes, filling a basket with items + never entering that credit card info is therapy enough.

⑥ Staycation: Take a day off and don't use it to run errands! Instead, spend time doing the things you love. 

⑦ Guided Meditation: You've probably heard all of the hype surrounding meditation (x,x) and I can assure you that it does live up to it! There are tons of free apps available, and you just have find one that makes you feel comfortable/suits your needs. Some sessions are as little as 10 minutes and can change your day.  

⑧ Netflix: ...and chill!! I'm kidding around, but binge watching your favorite show is definitely an easy way to catch a break from reality. 

⑨ Unplug: Sometimes you just have to step away from the email and constantly refreshing your seven social media accounts. Take a walk, try cooking a new recipe, or just sit and be one with yourself for a few moments instead. 

⑩ Change Your Sheets: Is it just me or is there something about sleeping in a bed of freshly cleaned sheets? No? Just me? Okay.....

⑪ DIY Facial: Really, this does not have to be complicated. You don't need 10 ingredients and a mixer to give yourself a good at home facial. I simply use greek yogurt with a little bit of honey and my skin is left feeling pleasantly tingly, clean, and soft. 

 ⑫  Color!: Coloring books aren't just for kids anymore. There are tons of fun adult coloring books out there that you can fill with color and pass the time with. They usually have intricate mandalas or themed images, and finishing them can be so satisfying. If you don't feel like committing to a whole book yet, try googling "mandalas" or "adult coloring pages" and print one to try it out! 

⑬ Give Yourself A Mani Pedi: Painting your nails is basically an automatic mood booster!

⑭ Fro-Yo: I'm a sucker for fro-yo in the summertime! Part of it is definitely the experience; picking your falvor(s) and all of your favorite toppings, but it's also such a great treat when it doesn't melt too fast!

⑮ At Home Wine Night: Wine bars are sooo expensive! Get with your friends and make a meat and cheese tray with your favorite picks and pairings! If you've never done this, check out the anatomy of a meat and cheese tray here and pairings here. Cheers!

⑯ Nap: Try to keep it to a power nap (20 minutes or so) to avoid grogginess! You'll feel alert and refreshed sans those post coffee jitters. 

⑰ Chocolate: Need I say more? 

⑱ Magazines: Instead of blowing by those magazines checkout aisle, buy one or two that you always wanted read and bring them home! 

⑲ Coffee Shop: That triple shot dirty chai latte with a single pump of vanilla you've been wanting but haven't had the heart to splurge on? Get it! 

⑳ Read A Book: Whether you're revisiting an old favorite or jumping into a new storyline, adulting shouldn't mean that you don't have time to read for pleasure anymore. Set aside some time and curl up with a good one!

What's your favorite way to #TreatYoSelf!?