Wow, the medical school application process is LONG. I cannot believe that it has been almost a year since I submitted my AMCAS application and started this whole whirlwind of a journey! After 19 MD applications, 11 interview invites, 8 interviews, 2 rejections, 2 waitlists, 4 acceptances, and lots and lots of waiting in between, I have finally made a decision. This fall, I will be attending medical school in Los Angeles!

The program I will be starting is a special track that focuses on care for medically underserved populations. My biology and society major (lots of classes involving public health and social determinants of health), research background, and shadowing time at free clinics and community hospitals during college always made me feel that my medical career would be headed in this direction. It is maddening to me that health disparities are so pervasive when health is one of the most basic, necessary things a person needs to function in society. As an AmeriCorps member this past year, I have been fully immersed in work with a largely low socioeconomic status, immigrant population at a community health center. This experience has made it clear to me that this kind of work is my passion, and I could not be more grateful to have the opportunity to pursue my medical education in a place where the institution's mission matches my personal mission. 

I have lived in New York for my entire life and I still can't believe that I will be packing my bags and moving to California for the next 4 years. All of my family and friends are here, and I don't know anyone there. Of all the programs I applied to, this was the only one outside of the Northeast region and I considered it to be a wild card. I'm definitely a little nervous and I will miss my family and my boyfriend, but they have been behind me 110% (in fact, they are as PUMPED about it as I am), which made the decision that much easier. This is going to be such an adventure and I'm so excited to begin this new chapter of my life!!

I have shared this graphic with so many people over the years. I guess it's time to practice what I preach!