T minus 6 days, 23 hours, and 21 minutes until HAWAII!!! Not that I've been keeping track or anything ;)

We will be heading to the island of Maui and I could not be more excited! Going to Hawaii has been a dream of mine for a while and I can't believe that it's finally happening. I have been counting down for three months and the closer we get to leaving, the more I think about it and the less I can focus on anything else at all!

I dedicated last weekend to packing and I realized that there are a few things I simply cannot do without on any beach vacation. Believe it or not, I actually had a nightmare involving forgetting my favorite sunglasses at home a few nights ago. Although you don't need much to be a full-time beach bum, these items are sure to make the  G O O D life that much more blissful. 

*If you want anything that I mention for yourself, I've linked where you can find it or something similar with an "x." I'm not an affiliate or connected in any way to the retailers, but I love finding good deals & I'm all for helping a fellow shopaholic out! 
    1. {Sunglasses} These are an ABSOLUTE MUST! My current go-to's are my Ray Ban Erika shades. Even though round sunglasses usually don't fit my face shape, I have a weird thing for them. These are round enough for me to love them, but not too round for my face. (x)

    2. {Cover Up} Lightweight and easy to get on/off, a cover up makes for a convenient way for you to get comfortable if it gets a little breezy or if you want to go grab a bite. I like to wear kimonos and I happen to have a cute fringed one just like the one pictured. I recently switched it up and added a white tunic cover up to the mix too! (x)

    3. {Beach Bag} Some people prefer a beach tote, but I love my cross body! It keeps my hands free to take photos and explore at any given moment. There's also plenty of space for sun screen, a book, and other essentials. (x)

    4. {Floppy Sun Hat} Full disclosure, I kind of have a big head LOL One size certainly does not fit all, but I've had luck at Old Navy and Forever 21 since they carry different sizes. Not only does a sun hat keep my face cool, it's also the perfect source of shade if I need a little nap of the beach! (x)

    5. {Sun Block} Sun safety is so important for people of all ages and all skin tones! I swear by Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock. It's a little pricey for the amount you get, but so worth it. Some of the other sun blocks I've tried have made me feel greasy, smelled strong, or came right off in the water (despite "waterproof" claims). Neutrogena Sunblock goes on light, absorbs quickly, smells pleasant, and provides amazing protection, even in the water. (x)

    6. {Bikini(s)} I don't know about you, but I love having lots of swimsuit options! I tend to get pieces that can be easily mixed and matched and ASOS is my secret weapon! If you go to the sale section, check off your size (so you're not heartbroken when you love something and they don't have it in your size <-- trust me, speaking from experience haha), then sort it low to high and BAM; hundreds of super cheap bikini options at your disposal! I've gotten bottoms for as little as $3 and tops at $6 this way! (x)

    7. {Camera} I love taking pictures on vacation! I don't own a GoPro, but one of Alex's friends lets us borrow one of his on every trip we go on! It's great for pictures in the water and capturing adventures. Other than that, I use my phone for pictures. (x)

    8. {Head Phones} I love listening to music and podcasts, so having my headphones handy is a must! (x)

    9. {A Good Book} ...or two! I almost never have time to read in my day to day life, so I definetly binge read when I go on trips. This time around, I'll be bringing The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. I'm sure you notice the medical theme, I'm just a little (okay, ALOT) excited about starting medical school soon. (x,x)

    10. {No Fuss Flip Flops} For me, some plain, cheap rubber flip flops that I don't care about ruining are a must for beach vacations. It doesn't matter if they get wet or sandy, but they get me from point A to point B without burning my feet! (x)

      What are your must-haves on a beach vacation?