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What's In My Carry On Bag!

The countdown is over and today is the day! I'm going to Maui

Although I absolutely love to travel and experience new places, the whole "getting there" part is definitely not my favorite. I do everything in my power to make myself as comfortable as possible, and with an 11 hour flight time ahead of me, deciding what to bring with me was not something to take lightly!  

Since I've already shared my beach vacation must haves, I thought it was only right to give ya the rundown what I have going on in my carry on bag! ;)

»Fuzzy Socks
»Neck Pillow
»Sleep Mask


»Granola Bars
»Fruit Leathers

{little essentials}
»Hand Sanitizer

»Sun Glasses
»Selfie Stick

You're probably wondering how I fit all of this stuff LOL I carry a backpack instead of a cute tote so I have everything I could want or need. Anyway, I'm writing this as I wait at the gate and I'm beyond PUMPED to get this trip started! Updates and pictures to come, I promise! 

In the mean time, if you've been to Hawaii and you have any suggestions of places to see, things to do, or restaurants to eat at, leave me a comment! 


  1. Yes to the selfie stick!! My friend had an extra and gave me hers for free and I love that thing. My other friends tried to hate at first, but now they're all up in my photos because it gives the best angles and helps with finding good lighting!

    1. It's funny how people feel weird about it first and next thing you know, you're all hittin poses and getting great photos! LOL I had a similar experience during Spring Break of my senior year. I'm now a sworn selfie stick lover!