I know I've been MAJORLY slacking on blogging (side eye @ Block 3), so I'm going to make it up to ya by launching a new blog series called "Med School-ing!!" Think of this series as an intro/crash course in some of the basics of medical school.

It's that time of year where many people have cleared the hurdle of getting into med school and are deciding on where they'll spend they next four years. I remember when I was in that position and as the reality of it began to settle in, I began scouring the web on the most random med school related things out of excitement (which is actually part of the reason I fell into the med IG community and ended up started this blog)! I'll include the things I wish I knew, what I learned from others, and of course, what I've learned along the way in year one so far. I'm also taking requests, so if there's anything in particular you'd like to see, leave a comment below! The first post will launch this Wednesday! :D

As for quick life updates, here's a few firsts & favorite IG posts from the last few months.

-first preceptorship assignment
-first med school prom
-first time learning suturing
-first time in the SIM lab
-first french press
-first time doing a paint & sip
-first time studying at the beach in the "winter"
-first time shadowing an ENT physician
-first time doing chaplain rounds
-first time ice skating in California
-first time going to a silent disco