It's about that time of year! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty behind on my shopping for the Holidays. Between jet lag and catching up on sleep after finals, I've pretty much been in hibernation since I got home. Yesterday, I realized I had a few less days to get things done than I realized and let's just say that online shopping has been saving my life. If you're stumped on a gift for the medical student or health professional in your life, this guide should lend you a helping hand! May express shipping and on time delivery be ever in your favor ;) 

"Trust Me I'm Almost A Doctor" Mug: I actually own this mug and it's one of my favorites! My Dad got it for me when I started school and since students live off of coffee and tea, I think it's a great gift. (x)

Gift Card: A gift card for starbucks or a favorite study spot is always a safe bet! 

Jewelry: From organic chemistry shapes of serotonin and caffeine to ekg tracing necklaces, etsy is brimming with nerdy medical jewelry! (x)

FIGS Scrubs:"Scrubs that do not suck" indeed! I'm sure a medical student would appreciate any pair of scrubs, but they'll love you forever for these! They're super comfortable, flattering, and FIGS happens to donate scrubs to health care providers in need. Since I got mine, I haven't wanted to wear any of my other scrubs. (x)

Art: Etsy scores again! There are lots of cool/beautiful medically themed prints that would be a beautiful addition to someone's study area. (x)

Contigo Travel Mug: This mug keeps my tea/coffee HOT for sooooo many hours. Sometimes I forget about it when I get to class and I can still enjoy it after lab in the afternoon! Hands down the best mug I've ever owned! (x)

"Don't Be Tachy Christmas Sweater": Everyone loves a good "ugly sweater" and this one is hilarious! (x)

Ipad Pro: This is a pricey one, but if you're thinking about gifting and iPad I highly recommend the pro! I got one the beginning of block two and coupled with the apple pencil, it's been the greatest thing ever for my productivity. I'm able to write right on top of all of the slides and diagrams from class and seamlessly sync it to my other devices. (x)

Happy Holidays Everyone! xoxo