Hi! My name is Shanice and I'd like to welcome you to my blog, Purely Positivitea! I am a recent college grad who's just trying to get the hang of things in the real world. 

Throughout all of the stages of my life, I always needed some kind of creative outlet. When I was younger, I kept journals, wrote stories, danced ballet and tap, and played an instrument. The older I got, the less time I had for those things, so they (sadly) sort of got phased out of my life. 

Since I was always using a computer anyway, blogging became one of my favorite pastimes when I was in college. I started off with tumblr (#tbt) and I had tons of different blogs in several "niches." I dabbled in the fitblr world, had a personal blog (x2 because I got bored of the first one), had a 3.5 second stint with a fashionblr, and even created one dedicated to avocados (Yeah, you read that right. My avocado obsession is about as bad as my tea obsession, so there's that). It's definitely a fun time, but I felt it was high time to graduate to a more mature platform, so here I am!

 This is a lifestyle blog, so it'll be about well......life! I know that includes tons of things, but you'll consistently find tidbits about my random, everyday musings, medical school (I'll be starting in a few months!), living a healthy lifestyle, and navigating life as a young adult! 

It is my hope that this blog will not only be a place for me to share my story, but for you to share yours too! I think everyone gets a little giddy when they see that their page has had one more view, but I would be thrilled to get to know the person behind the number. There are so many ways for us to connect, so feel free to leave comments (I promise I'll respond!), let's follow eachother on insta, twitter, pinterest, & bloglovin, and never hesitate to email me with further comments/questions/suggestions.

Thank you so much for visiting and I can't wait to get started! :* xoxo