We've all seen doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and any other health professional who is on their feet a lot rockin' these clogs!

Dansko is undeniably one of the most iconic staples in the health care work space. In fact, Dansko shoes are about as ubiquitous as scrubs and they've managed to make them even better! Last month, The Walking Company partnered with Dansko to create and exclusively release the new, improved Professional XP 2.0 clog. They were nice enough to send me a pair to try and I'm so excited to share my first impressions with you!

Disclosure: This product was provided to me as a gift from The Walking Company and Dansko. Opinions are my own. 

I chose to go with the Black Mariner color, but in typical Dansko fashion, there are tons of fun colors/patterns available to fit your style! The first thing I noticed when I took these out of the box was how surprisingly lightweight they were! Based on how they look, I imagined that they would be much heavier and I excitedly slipped them on. I found that the footbed features prominent, yet natural arch support and memory foam for comfort! The rocker bottom of the clog is meant to fight the fatigue of staying on your feet and they maintain safety by being slip resistant. Since I've never worn a shoes like this before, walking in them took some getting used to, but it didn't take long at all! 

Just like any shoe, there's no magic to be had right out of the box with these. Breaking in your Danskos is an absolute must (someone suggested 2 hrs a day for the first few days before ramping it up to me!) in order to adjust to the technology. Since I don't have as many clinicals at the moment, I'm still in those beginning stages, but I get the feeling that these are going to be a favorite of mine on the wards and I will definitely update this post! 

If you'd like to experience they durability, comfort, and style of the Dansko Pro XP 2.0 clogs for yourself, you can purchase the exclusively at The Walking Company here!