Any medical student or health professional will tell you that getting new scrubs is like opening a present on your birthday! Is it nerdy? Yes. Can we help it? No. Do we want to be helped? DEF not! Naturally, when I saw that Maevn Uniforms was giving away 1,000 free scrubs for their #MaevnMarchMadness giveaway, I entered right away! I was lucky enough to get my first choice, a set from their Eon collection in black (I've always wanted black scrubs for some weird reason) and they arrived quickly thereafter. 

I just started wearing them and I am loving them! I always joke that scrubs are socially acceptable pajamas, but these fit more like comfortable athletic wear. The material is clearly high quality and durable, yet it is soft and light weight. In fact, they're so light weight that the 10 minute walk to class in the 75° California sun didn't burn me up even though I was wearing all black! It reminds me of some the expensive, moisture wicking apparel you can buy for the gym. 

I have to say, the waist band is EVERYTHING! I feel like a lot of scrub brands attempt "style" and it just ends up coming across as quite literally a (failed) stylish attempt at scrubs (high necks, buttons, etc I've seen it all lol). These are about as chic as scrubs can get and with the number of pockets available, they haven't lost their utility at all. I also really like that there is a drawstring even though there is a waistband so I can adjust it to my waist size. 

In addition to comfort and utility, one thing I always look for in scrubs is length. I'm 5'9'' and I've suffered the plight of having my ankles out #floodready in many a set of scrubs. I was super excited when I found out that Maevn carries their scrubs in tall sizes, and they fit me perfectly! As a HUGE plus, the tag also states they are wash and wear ready without needing to steam or iron. I haven't put them through a cycle yet, but this would seriously be a life changer (no one wants crushed scrubs!) and I'll be sure to report back to ya!

All in all, these scrubs are fantastic and I'd highly recommend them. They hit all of the check boxes for comfort, style, and utility. Our school issued scrubs are too short for me and the texture of news paper, so I'm feeling pretty lucky to have gotten these. I can't wait to keep wearing them! 

P.S. If you wanna know how I made the matcha that made an appearance in this last picture (it's in one of those to go tumblers!), head on over to that post here<3